Easy and Budget-Friendly Lavender Chevron Birthday Party Theme

My daughter's birthday was in August, and this year she requested a small family birthday party, which was just fine with me! That gave me an opportunity to focus on some cute details without stressing over a big, expensive bash. 

girls'  chevron maxi dress

Maggie's favorite color is lavender, so we used that as our starting point. She asked to get a comfortable maxi dress to wear for the party, and when I came across this dress on Lolly Wolly Doodle, we decided to purchase it and use a chevron print in the decor too.  If you're looking for cute girls' clothes, whether for a party or not, I recommend checking out Lolly Wolly Doodle's website and Facebook page - I love supporting another mom-owned business, and they have a fantastic success story about how they grew their business! They'll monogram their items very inexpensively, so that adds a cute personalized touch.

I designed a simple invitation that we emailed to the family - similar to this chevron invitation I'm now carrying in my Etsy shop - I'm able to customize it for whatever color scheme my clients need, so it's a really versatile design.

We set up a little drink and snack station within easy reach for all of the little cousins, and decorated with some inexpensive and cute tissue paper flowers, crepe paper streamers, and a banner I designed to coordinate with the theme:

I got the chevron paper drinking straws from this Etsy shop - I loved that it was another Etsy seller from Arizona, and she has tons of color options and other cute items (treat bags, washi tape, twine) that are perfect for parties.

Rather than ice cream, Maggie wanted a make-your-own sundae bar like Luke had for his birthday party earlier this year. 

It was a very relaxed get-together and we all had a great time - and I had a happy eight (!!) year old.

New Squarespace website design for Seventh & Stone

Barbara Stellmach, the owner of the store Seventh & Stone, contacted me about working on her website design. A fellow Etsy seller, Barb creates beautiful and unique handmade jewelry – she incorporates Lake Superior stones into many of the designs, which are inspired by her gorgeous surroundings on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Along with her own designs, Barb carries a carefully curated selection of handmade goods, crafted by artisans – many of them from her area. 

She wanted a website that was clean and well-organized, showcasing the products with links to the individual artists – such a great way to convey the wide array of talent that goes into creating these items. Our collaboration resulted in a lovely, functional site design and its corresponding mobile version. Barb has been a pleasure to work with, and I'm so excited about the final product! You must click over and check it out (and there's a link to her Etsy shop in the navigation!) - and if you're lucky enough to live nearby, stop in and see her at Seventh and Stone!

Stitch Fix Review #3

stitch fix review #3

My third Stitch Fix came in the thick of our typical long, hot Tucson summer. I specifically asked for lightweight clothing, preferably not in synthetic material that is just miserable when you're trying to function in this heat  – and thankfully, they delivered! (What in the world is Stitch Fix? Read more here!)

First up was this Ellison Josie cut-out embroidery detail cotton tank. I loved the detail on this top, and it is lightweight and flowy – it's cute for casual wear with denim shorts, or dressed up with jewelry and a skirt. I've already worn it a lot. They also sent it with a simple white cami to go underneath, and the cami wasn't one of the five pieces for the fix. I thought that was a nice touch – this definitely needs something under it, and although I already had a white cami I can always use another!

Next was the Pomelo Downing striped knit shirt. Again, it is a loose and flowy fit in a perfect lightweight cotton, and it's become a summer staple for me. I didn't have much orange in my wardrobe, so these two pieces have been a nice change.

My jewelry piece in this fix was the Pixley Brandi enamel drops statement necklace. I LOVE this necklace. It's a little different from something I would have picked out for myself, but I seem to constantly find things to wear it with and I get compliments on it every time I wear it. 

My stylist Samantha continued to feed my dress addiction with the Andrew Marc Daire sleeveless fit & flare dress. I love the white lace (crochet?) overlay and it's a cotton/linen blend that is super comfortable. I wore it for the 4th of July paired with a denim vest and really liked it.

The last piece in this fix was the only fail – and sadly, that may be more the fault of my thighs than a problem on my stylist's part. The Margaret M Duboce straight leg jeans would have been perfect - I loved the idea of the stretchy, wide waistband (like maternity! but not!) and I love white jeans, but these were WAY, WAY too tight. I sincerely hope that these run extremely small, or I better do some serious scaling back on the summer treats. These went back.

I think this was my favorite fix to date, which is in keeping with their theory that they get better at styling for you over time. Try it out yourself with my referral link here and you'll get a code of your own to share with friends for credit! Check out my other Stitch Fix Reviews for even more information.

I'm going to link up to the other reviews at Whimsicle. Let me know if you check it out!

Origami Yoda Birthday Party

origami yoda birthday party ideas

For my son's 10th birthday, he wanted to have his first sleepover. We agreed to a small gathering of just a few of his friends, and decided on an Origami Yoda theme, since that book series was one of his current favorites and the boys love anything Star-Wars related, so we had a lot of options for this one! 

I gathered all of his Origami Yoda books for inspiration for the invitation and decor. Using the black background and lime green as an accent color, this was the invitation design:

Origami Yoda Birthday Party Invitation
Origami Yoda Birthday Party decor


If you have a 10-year-old boy in your life, you can imagine how much he cares about party decor ("seriously, Mom, centerpieces?!") - Luke really just wanted a fun time with his friends, but I couldn't help but do a little something to make it fun and festive. And even he admitted it was "cool." I didn't fuss too much, but I got my assistant to create some tissue paper pom-poms in the black and lime green color scheme. I set up a (short-lived) display with the Origami Yoda books and another book Luke had, so that the boys would have them for some activities...

origami yoda birthday party
origami yoda birthday party decor


With Luke's birthday falling right after Christmas, I always luck out with decor if I can work green or red into the theme. I picked up these sparkly clusters of plasticky fake leaves, completely unsure of what I was going to do with them. I threw them into little vases with pebbles and bunched up foil tissue paper from Dollar Tree, and in about 10 seconds I had some fun centerpieces - I also ran metallic wrapping paper across the dining room table, which was where the boys would be hanging out. Fun and functional, as it protected the table from the coming mayhem.

origami yoda birthday party decor

Because we agreed that this would be a very small gathering, I was able to purchase nicer favors than I can when we have a big crowd, and in this case, the favors were going to double as the evening's activities as well, I got each boy (and of course Luke's little sister!) a pack of this origami paper from amazon.com. Make sure you shop around for this kind of thing - I had seen it for double the price at Michael's and was so glad I checked Amazon! I also got each guest a fine-tip black Sharpie, a silver Sharpie, and a roll of fun colored washi tape - some of Luke's favorite origami tools. You can get the Sharpies and washi tape at any discount store, office supply store, or Michael's, but also check Etsy for some really cute, fun washi tape patterns. We put the goodies in a white lunch bag with stickers I designed, along with some origami folding instructions we got from the Origami Yoda website. The boys went to town, making all kinds of fun and crazy creations. Evidence of the fun:

We concluded the crafty part of the evening with an epic (their word!) paper airplane making contest, and then moved on to pizza and make-your-own ice cream sundaes. The boys then wound down with a showing of Star Wars and happily crashed for the night. This was such a fun party, and I love how intent the boys were on their projects – it kept them busy and content for hours – hooray! If you have a child who is around this age, check out the Origami Yoda book series - a big hit for them!

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The Idea Room

Logo and branding design projects

Logo and branding design projects have kept me busy over the past few months – check out some of the brand boards I've created here, and you can see more details over at www.jwilliamscommunications.com/blog. I have worked with some great people, and I love helping these business owners bring their vision to life.

Color for warm weather months {decorating the living room}

coral ombre throw and floral pillows for summer

I'm a big fan of light, bright neutral palettes for home decor, and I have an official fear of color  -partly because I'm afraid I'll get tired of it. The up side to having a neutral backdrop is that I can work in little pops of color that can be easily changed out, so I jumped in and did just that this summer. I'm loving these bright patterned pillows and coral ombre throw that I picked up from Marshall's for this summer, and I can tuck them away when fall comes and I'm ready for warm earth tones. 

Patterned Wallpaper Accent Wall in the Office {removable wallpaper from Target}

I've been working on an office makeover for way too long – it's one of those projects that I got started and then kept putting on the back burner. My office is also the guest room, which always presents decorating dilemmas, but more about that in another post. 

Today I wanted to talk about the one small project that we did that made a huge difference in the way this room looks. We put up some patterned wallpaper - Devine Color Diamond Wallpaper in Twig from Target - just on the window wall. I love the mod pattern and the soft grayish taupe color scheme, which looks great with the brushed gold accessories and curtain rod on that wall. The wallpaper has a sticky back and is supposed to be removable and repositionable – perfect for commitment phobes like me who have always shied away from wallpaper because of what a task it is to take it down when you tire of it.

Chad found that it was a little tricky to work with, which resulted in one visible seam and a few bumpy areas – this would totally drive a pickier person crazy, but I was able to disguise the imperfections with the wall art and bookshelves that are placed in front of the wall. The result? A big difference that took less than one afternoon to accomplish, and that can easily be undone when needed. What do you think?

removable wallpaper - Devine Diamond in Twig by Target

removable wallpaper - Devine Diamond in Twig by Target

Has anyone else tried this removable wallpaper at Target? Check out their other great patterns and colors!

Stitch Fix Review #2

My second Stitch Fix was another success overall. My only specific request was for a pair of dark jeans that I could dress up or down. I don't know what it is, but jeans fall right after swimwear on my list of Things I Dread Shopping For, so I thought maybe my stylist could help - and she did! She sent these Kensie Skinny Jeans in a  nice dark blue (they look black in the photo, but they're not). They're made of a great soft stretchy denim, so even though they looked super skinny to start, they're comfortable and a good, flattering fit. She gave me some cute options for them on my style card. 


Next up was the 41Hawthorn Bell Solid Sleeveless Tie-Neck Blouse. In a soft cream shade and drapey material, this should have been right up my alley, but the tie-neck threw me off at first. It conjured images of 1980s elementary school teachers for some reason, but once I tried it on, I really liked it. The drape was flattering and comfortable and the tie was thin enough that I decided it was just a nice detail, and pretty on-trend right now. This is another good example of how Stitch Fix helps me find items I wouldn't have chosen for myself. See the blouse here with the Bay to Baubles Raelynn Knot Cluster Necklace. I liked the gold knots on the necklace, but the middle seemed to stick out a bit, and since I thought it was a little pricey I decided to send it back. The upside is that I was inspired to find a similar necklace, and I happily discovered one elsewhere that was similar but a little more subtle.

I received two dresses in this fix. The Sanctuary Felicity Colorblock Ponte Dress was almost right. I loved the style and fabric and was impressed that my stylist referenced a similar dress on my Pinterest style board (they actually look!). However - I am a 30-something mom of two with an active lifestyle, and this super mini short cut was just not practical for me. Because sometimes I need to sit down. Boo.

Finally, I received the 41Hawthorn Lori Lace Fit & Flare Dress. I love the lace details and lavender color, and this was a fun find because I had seen a peek of this very dress in a photo Stitch Fix had posted on their Instagram account, so it was neat to see it show up in my box! This seems a little on the dressy side for me, but I'm happy to have it on hand when a pretty, summery dress is called for.

Overall, I was pleased with this Stitch Fix and was excited to schedule my next one. If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can use my referral link here and you'll get a code of your own to share with friends for credit! Also, check out my other Stitch Fix Reviews. Have you received any great items in a Stitch Fix?

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